Zigduino TODO

Struck-through items have been committed to hardware
Italicized items have been committed to the appropriate source files

Release 1

Spin 2

  • Ground CLKI pin
  • Remove R2

Spin 3

  • Correct pin 11 silkscreen

Release 2

  • Replace FTDI chip with Atmega 8u2, ala UNO
  • Switch UART0 to USB only
  • Connect pins 0/1 to UART1
  • Switch digital pins to level shifters
  • Add auxiliary UART0 connector
  • Bring UART1 out to digital pins 0/1
  • Switch from edge-mounted RPSMA to vertical MMCX
  • Switch to surface-mount barrel jack
  • Bring out all unused I/O pins to secondary header(s)
  • Move reset switch to the edge, change to right angle
  • Correct power plug hole spacing (is 6.1mm, should be 4.5mm)
  • Add pads for RTC crystal
  • Add fourth mounting hole to match the Uno
  • Add extra I2C header pins, IOREF pin to match the Leonardo etc
  • Fix the silkscreen
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