Zigduino Mote

Zigduino Mote Description/Features

The Zigduino Mote is intended to be a version of the Zigduino adapted for embedding into other projects, along the same vein as the Arduino Mini. It brings out all of the I/O and has a very small (and solderless breadboard compatible!) form factor. Features include:

  • 2.4" x 0.9" form factor
  • Connector for FTDI cable (assumes 3.3V type with 5V power supply)
  • Auto-reset circuitry (high pass filter, Schmitt trigger buffer)
  • 3.3V regulator, with a bypass for certain applications
  • MMCX connector (use with Nanoblade antenna)
  • All the same LEDs as a standard Zigduino
  • On-board RTC (S35390A-I8T1)
  • Solderless breadboard compatible
  • User-installable JST battery and microSD connectors on backside







  • Switch to MMCX connector
  • Knock regulator down to 3V (so it does the right thing with true 3.3V FTDI cables)
  • Add RTC (see above)
  • Fix silkscreen
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