Inline Current Voltage Sensor

Core Features

  • Measures both voltage and current
  • Very small form factor
  • Compatible with ring terminals for main power line
  • Main holes spaces on 0.375" centers, for terminal strip compatibility
    • Requires spacers, such as McMaster p/n 90309A003
  • Solderless breadboard compatible pins
  • Main terminals can be broken off for better breadboard compatibility


There are two variants of this concepts — one uses a shunt resistor and one uses a Hall effect sensor

Hall effect variant

  • 1.625" x 0.5"
  • Main contacts 0.2" holes on 1.125" centers
  • Based on Allegro Micro ACS71x hall effect sensors
  • Bipolar
  • Available in ranges from current ranges from ±5A to ±30A
  • Requires 5V power
  • Isolation/protection to 1.2 kV
  • Voltage output diode clamped to ground and power rails

Shunt variant

  • 1.525" x 0.4"
  • Main contacts 0.2" holes on 1.125" centers
  • Unipolar
  • 0-10A, 2.7V-28V range
  • 0-5V full scale output on both current and voltage
  • Line powered
  • 0.01 Ω series resistance
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