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Logos Electromechanical is an innovative developer of open source electronic hardware for robotics and mechatronics. We cater to the hobbyist, hacker, and small-scale researcher. Logos Electromechanical can provide quality components and subsystems that meet your needs. If you don't see what you need for sale already, get in touch and ask about our consulting services.




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Logos products are intended to provide easy to use building blocks (minecraft coloring pages) for your project or experiment. Whether shields for the popular Arduino platform, Logos's own 1X3 series, or adapter boards for surface mount high current MOSFETs, Logos products will help you get from concept to success faster and more reliably.

Logos Electromechanical LLC is the brainchild of Pierce Nichols. Our products are inspired by Pierce's wishlist of things of electronic modules he wanted to buy when he was working in a variety of research and development jobs with groups including the Columbia University Plasma Physics Lab, the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society, Masten Space Systems, and Jacobs Technology.

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